A painter and sculptor by nature, my early experiences with makeup was playing with Mom’s makeup – but not for beauty. I enjoyed creating and accentuating highlight and shade for special effects.

Acrylic paint, watercolor, pencils, charcoal and clay. These were my favourite mediums as a child, until I joined the world of Performing Arts and had to start applying my own makeup.

Before pursuing education in Makeup Artistry, I wanted a backup plan. But halfway through my second year of Dental Technology, I knew I didn’t want to sculpt and create in that environment any longer.

Knowing that natural skill and passion needed to be accompanied by an infinite amount of knowledge, I enrolled and was accepted to Canada’s leading school for Makeup Artistry – Blanche Macdonald.

In 2009, After eleven months in the Makeup Masters Program, I came back to Winnipeg but had full intentions to permanently return to Vancouver.

After a summer of working in Winnipeg’s first Eyelash Extension boutique, my clientele rapidly grew and I decided to divide time between both cities.

My initial lack of interest and desire to work in the Salon & Spa industry proved that you should never say “never”. For four and a half years, I was privileged to have worked and been mentored in some of Winnipeg’s most reputable salons. They provided me with world-class training and equipped me to become a business-savvy leader. Gaining knowledge of a whole different industry was truly a blessing.

This added more to my specialized skill set that made me a well-rounded Makeup Artist, and shaped me to become one of the city’s pioneering Lash Extension Specialists and Brow Sculptors.

Though based in Winnipeg, it has not limited me from continually gaining world-class knowledge and skill from traveling to, learning and working in LA, Tokyo, Rome, Manila, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Germany….and I don’t plan to stop there!

It would be my honour to be a part of your beauty journey and share my knowledge, skill, passion and talent.

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